This page holds a listing of all of our current officers in the Executive Committee (or ExCom) and descriptions of their positions.

Who do I contact?

For general requests and information, please contact the Local Secretary.

For questions about the website, please contact the Webmaster.

For information about youth programs, please contact the Gifted Youth Coordinator.

If you are a public speaker and are interested at speaking at one of our dinner meetings, please contact the Program Chair.

If you are interested in hosting FS&M, please contact our FS&M arranger.

For scholarship information, please contact the Scholarship Chair.

For testing information, please contact the Testing Coordinator.


All contact links can be found below, along with brief descriptions of each position.

Local Secretary (LocSec)

The Local Secretary, or LocSec, is the chief executive officer for the chapter, and MENSA's version of a president. The duties are to liaison with American Mensa in Arlington, Texas and the Regional Vice Chair. Information is passed both ways as needed. The LocSec then passes along information to the local group. The LocSec presides over the Business Meetings and the ExCom meetings.

Current Local Secretary: Ray Cassell



Membership Officer (MO)

The MO is the Vice LocSec. The MO sends emails, a newsletter, and
welcome letters to prospective members. The names of prospective members are sent to the MO by National. The MO is responsible for publicity, public relations, and recruitment programs. The MO is often the first contact for new members or candidates for membership. The MO will preside over meetings in the absence of the LocSec. The MO will automatically succeed to the office of LocSec if the LocSec position becomes vacant.

Current Membership Officer: Gina Mitchell




The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters of North Alabama Mensa. The Treasurer provides an annual financial report to Mensa National. The MO presents a semi-annual financial report to the ExCom and to the Editor for inclusion in the newsletter. A quarterly report will be sent to the LocSec or LocSec designee unless the LocSec has access to the bank statements.

Current Treasurer: Robert Ward



Recording Secretary (Scribe)

The Recording Secretary records the minutes from the Dinner Meetings and the ExCom Meetings. The minutes are then sent to the LocSec, Membership Chair, Treasurer, and Editor.

Current Recording Secretary: Barbara Ward



Program Chair

The Program Chair is responsible for arranging the monthly Dinner Meeting locations and for arranging for presenters for the Dinner Meetings.

Current Program Chair: Steve Rittenburg




The Editor is responsible for putting together the monthly newsletter with inputs from various people. The Editor sends the newsletter to the ExCom for review and final approval. Once the final is ready it is sent to the Circulation Manager and is uploaded to National.

Current Editor: Linda Graves



Circulation Manager

The Circulation Manager prepares and publishes the Post Office forms as
required. The Circulation Manager receives an e-mail copy of the newsletter and is responsible for getting the required number of newsletter printed for mailing. The printed copies are brought to the monthly FS&M meeting where they are prepared for mailing. The Circulation Manager then delivers the newsletters to the Post Office for distribution by mail.

Current Circulation Manager: Sarah Rody




The Ombudsman serves as a mediator for disputes within the local group and is available to serve as a representative to the Regional Hearing Committee. The Ombudsman shall perform duties as may be required by American Mensa. The Ombudsman may submit matter to the Editor for
publication that relates to the duties of that position.

Current Ombudsman: Robert Ward



Testing Coordinator

The Testing Coordinator is the liaison between Mensa National and the local chapter Proctors. Prospective members who wish to test for Mensa admission normally contact National and find out who to contact for information on testing. The Test Coordinator then contacts the
Proctors to arrange the location, date, and time for the next proctored test.

Current Testing Coordinator: Don Midkiff


Current Test Proctors: Don Midkiff (, Robert Ward (, Linda Graves (



The Webmaster maintains the local chapter's website. The Webmaster updates the website monthly and controls the content of the web page.

Current Webmaster: Andrea Crowder



Scholarship Chair

Current Scholarship Chair: Ray Cassell



SIGHT Coordinator

SIGHT is short for Service for Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travelers. The SIGHT representative responds to requests for information about the local area from Mensans who wish to visit that area. That information could include hotel information, transportation, restaurants, and airport proximity to a certain event. The traveler may also request local group activities, list of officers, maps, or tourist information and contact telephone numbers.

Current SIGHT Coordinator: Barbara Ward



Gifted Youth Coordinator (GYC)

This is a very important position and is responsible for working
with gifted children and their parents. The GYC schedules children’s events like Chemistry Night and monitors all activities at the event. A background check is required before a member can be appointed as GYC.

Current Gifted Youth Coordinator: Gina Mitchell


Norba Mensa Youth website (run by Gina MItchell)


Regional Vice Chair (RVC)

Current Regional Vice Chair: Nancy Campbell



FS&M Scheduler

Current FS&M Scheduler: Sarah Rody