These positions are currently open for a new volunteer to take over.

Contact Information

If you are interested in taking over these positions, please contact Don Midkiff at

Open Positions

Local Secretary

The LocSec (short for Local Secretary, a reminder of our British heritage) is basically the president of the group. He or she coordinates local events and takes care of most of the coordination that needs to be done with the regional or national offices. He/she receives a packet of information from the National Office each month on programs, national elections, etc. He/she is the chairman of the ExCom, calls those meetings, and runs them. He/she also leads the monthly dinner meetings and provides general leadership. This job takes 5 to 10 hours a month, and requires attendance at the dinner meeting on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Program Chair

The Program Chair arranges the speakers for our monthly dinner meetings. This involves calling them to see if and when they can speak, confirming the time and place, and usually calling a few days prior to the meeting just to remind them. Generally he/she also gets a little bit of biographical information from the speaker, arranges to meet them at the restaurant, and introduces them. The meeting and introduction can be delegated to any willing individual. We only need 10 or 11 speakers a year, as we sometimes have a membership appreciation event early in the year, and our December meeting is just a social event with no speaker. Note: NORBAMENSA pays for the speaker’s dinner. (Another note: the arsenal has a speakers list – they have over 50 speakers that have interests in various topics and are free! UAH, NASA, and the Chamber of Commerce also have speakers' bureaus.)

Test Coordinator

The Testing Coordinator schedules proctored tests and does the paperwork required for them. The testing coordinator may or may not be an actual proctor. The proctor administers the test and is often the first physical contact that Mensa has with prospective members. This job generally requires a couple hours a month or less.